DTSh Project Documentation

DTSh is a Devicetree Source (DTS) files viewer with a shell-like command line interface:

  • navigate and visualize the devicetree

  • search for devices, bindings, buses or interrupts with flexible criteria

  • redirect command output to files (text, HTML, SVG) to document hardware configurations or illustrate notes

  • rich Textual User Interface, command line auto-completion, command history, user themes

You can use it with:

  • all DTS files generated by Zephyr at build-time (aka build/zephyr/zephyr.dts)

  • arbitrary DTS files with bindings compatible with Zephyr’s Devicetree bindings syntax

A Devicetree Shell

A Devicetree Shell


Welcome to the DTSh Project’s documentation for the dtsh-next branch. This branch mirrors and packages the code base that serves as a proposal to upstream DTSh as a new Zephyr extension to West (would be west dtsh): RFC - DTSh, shell-like interface with Devicetree

Source code and documentation for the Proof of Concept and prototype (DTSh 0.1.x) are still available at the main branch of this repository.

Latest release: 0.2.2 Release Notes (PyPI)